Quality Wins Honor! ARRIZO 6 Awarded as Global Top 10 Best Transmission Cars!

On January 21, 2019, the 2nd Global Top 10 Best Transmissions Awarding Ceremony & the 2nd International Seminar on Transmission Technology Innovation was held in Beijing, China. Through rigorous test and examination by the Expert Evaluation Panel, Chery ARRIZO 6 with CVT25 was unanimously praised, winning the award of global Top 10 Best Transmission Cars.

Awarded Global Top 10 Transmission Cars with Mainstream JV Car Brands

In the 2nd Global Top 10 Best Transmissions Competition, the Automotive Evaluation Institute, the organizer of the activity, invited global leading experts and scholars in transmission industry to form a professional evaluation panel. After a series of links including online registration, qualification, field tests of candidate cars, experts’ grading, evaluation meeting, experts’ voting and online voting, etc., the top 10 best transmission cars were selected.

As the only car transmission competition in the world, the top 10 best transmission competition is not only open to transmission products in Chinese markets, but covers all transmission brands in global market.In the competition this year, the competitors of Chery included mainstream JV car brands such as Volkswagen and General Motors. Owing to high quality and performance, ARRIZO 6 with CVT 25 was included in the list of global top 10 best transmission cars.


Quality Wins Honor • Benchmarking with international advanced CVT Transmission

CVT 25 for ARRIZO 6 is a continuously variable transmission(CVT) whose performances reach the international leading level. It has been developed through benchmarking with international advanced CVTs. CVT 25 has various advantages such as high efficiency, low oil consumption and low noise. It support manual 9 gear, electronic gear shift, scalable start/stop and other functions. CVT 25 is applicable to passenger vehicles (e.g. saloon cars, MPV and SUV), with its largest output torque of 250N•m.

What is worth mentioning is that in addition to larger speed ratio, greater efficiency and more intelligent configuration, CVT25 can also be applied in mixed power cars to better meet the requirements of increasingly strict car emission and fuel consumption regulations. Especially in terms of control system, apart from the basic modes of sports and economy, CVT25 has developed intelligent gear shift modes such as AT mode and automatic-adapting mode that resonates with users’ driving habits. As a result, users’ driving experience has been greatly improved and become smoother than ever, ranking top in the terms of artificial intelligence transmission technology.


Amazing Diving Experience with Excellent Performance in Power and Fuel Consumption

In actual driving experience, CVT25 transmission performs better with the 1.5T  turbocharged engines, which is the standard engine for the whole series of ARRIZO 6. The accelerator is very sensitive with quick response while the power can be enhanced at any time. Notably, the SPORT mode with the support of CVT25 perfectly gives play to the performance of the engine. A deep step on the accelerator gives the driver a quick and smooth speed accelerating process, which only takes 4 seconds to reach the speed range of 0-60km/h. And its highest record for the 100-meter speed acceleration is 9 seconds.

At the same time, through applying the new highly efficient vane pump, new hydrodynamic torque converter, new hydraulic pressure system and the new generation of steel belt, CVT25 does not only inherit the advantages of traditional CVTs in efficient power output with stability and smoothness, but also realizes great economy in fuel consumption. The oil consumption in 100 meters reaches only 6.4L, maximally reducing driving costs.

As one of the most technologically powerful independent car enterprises in China, Chery has long been dedicated to the development of core technologies of converter, transmission,etc.and striven to enhance the core competitiveness of Chery brand. The breakthrough in core technology drives the overall upgrade of Chery products. ARRIZO 6 is one of the results in such ideal. As one of the best achievements integrating Chery technologies, ARRIZO 6 has become quite popular among professionals and consumers in this industry since its availability in the market. With multiple authoritative awards, it has also won increasingly high attention and reputation in the market.


“Global Top 10 Best Transmission Cars”, another award for Chery, is the most powerful recognition and encouragement for Chery’s brand essence of “Technological Development Establishes and Expands the Enterprise”; it is also another recognition for ARRIZO 6. It is believed that ARRIZO 6 with multiple authoritative awards and more market recognition will provide you with a better quality driving experience.