Strategic Transformation Made Evident Results; Chery Won the Title of China’s Best-performing Auto Group for 2018

Days ago, China held the awarding ceremony for its 2018 Best-performing Autos. Thanks to its all-new products and excellent market performance, Chery excelled out of China’s 136 auto brands to win the prize of China’s Best-performing Auto Group for 2018.

Year 2018 witnessed the first negative growth in China’s auto market. Nevertheless, Chery realized two-digit growth due to the wonderful market performance made by TIGGO 8, ARRIZO 6, all-new ARRIZO 5 and other new products and new-energy products. In 2018, the brand sold 753,000 units, rising by 11%. It sold 126,993 units in the overseas markets, rising by 18% YOY, and staying in the No. 1 position among China’s exporters of passenger vehicles for 16 years in a row.


According to a Chery executive, “Chery sales rose in 2018 instead of the falling market thanks to the upgrading in technology, quality and international development, which highlights the effect of Chery’s strategic transformation. Relying on technical development, Chery upholds quality and service to manufacture products that satisfy the consumers. It is the target that Chery has been working hard towards. In the future, Chery will continue to be committed to providing more product and brand value for global consumers so as to develop the perfect travel lifestyle.”



In 2018, Chery made painstaking efforts to implement the strategic transformation, realizing three tasks, namely, making strategic presence, building system capacity and improving core competitiveness, thus accelerating its product iteration and delivery. Based on its powerful strength in R&D and technologies, Chery is making constant innovations to produce the upward power of brand. Till today, Chery has become one of China’s auto brands that owns the largest number of invention patents. Up to date, Chery has owned 11,032 authorized patents, ranking in the leading position among China’s auto brands. In 2018 alone, Chery had 1,038 new patents. At the same time, a number of innovative results have been launched, the automatic transmission, which represents the high-end level of China’s own transmissions, was installed in the new products; Chery 1.6TGDI engine, which is in the world-leading level, was put into product; and Chery improved its building of product platform system. Besides, Chery put into operation its R&D centers in North America and Europe, meaning it has established the global development system.



System building constitutes the foundation of product quality. In recent years, Chery, by improving and optimizing product positive development system and process with international standard, is gradually establishing CPS, the global uniform production standard system, which strongly secures the quality of new products. At present, Chery’s IPTV is better than the industry average, and exceeds some mainstream JV brands.



Chery has made presence in overseas markets for more than one decade, thus gaining deep understanding of the rules and marketing expertise in the international auto market. Today, it has stepped into the all-new development phase featured by “going upward and establishing brand”, after experiencing such stages as “going out and selling products” and “going out and building factory”. Chery not only brings premium quality products to the overseas market, but also brings the leading technologies and management system. At the same time, it is active to fulfill CSR and support local environmental protection and people’s livelihood, etc., thus expanding its circle of overseas friends. In 2018, Chery was, for the third time, placed in the list of Best Overseas Image of China’s companies, ranking No. 5 in the list only after Huawei, Hisense and Alibaba, etc., standing No. 1 among auto manufacturers.

In January 2019, Chery continued the momentum of rapid growth in sales, selling 61,815 units and rising 23.3%. Against this background, Chery will continue to upgrade its technologies and quality, enhance customer experience and make great efforts in brand, technology, product, management and overseas cooperation, thus pushing forward the company in a holistic way.