Chery, The Trademark of Al Yemni Group, launches the new generation Tiggo 8 in the Saudi market.

High performance and spacious cabin in a more luxurious and beautiful style that is radically transforming the automotive world


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cherythe trademark of Al Yemni Groupcontinues to lead the local automotive market, with its recently launched new generation multiuse SUV Tiggo8 with luxury features and unique safety technologies that make it a class leader.

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Arrizo6 of Chery Made Presence in Riyadh Season of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is now in the middle of a carnival and Arrizo6 of Chery is involved in it.
On October 11 till December 15, the Riyadh Season themed on Imagine is being held, which includes more than 100 events and activities with six topics. The 66-day Riyadh Season is expected to attract nearly 20 million tourists and world-famous brands, including the Chinese auto brand Chery, thus making it a center of world attention.

Arrizo 6 Launching Ceremony


We were delighted to launch of the all-new B class sedan ARRIZO 6 in Saudi Arabia at a ceremony held at a luxurious resort in Riyadh, attended by VIP guests, social media influencers, media representatives, and prominent figures of the automotive industry. The guests had the opportunity to experience the car and familiarize themselves with its sleek design and cutting-edge technology.

Chery Arrizo 6 2020 Reviewed by Baker Azahr Saud


Chery Social


شيري أريزو 6 كاملة المواصفات بسعر 55 555 ريال – خبير سيارات احمد الشهري

شيري اريزو6 موديل 2020 – حسن كتبي

حفل إطلاق سيارة شيري اريزو6


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