Chery, The Trademark of Al Yemni Group Launches the New Generation Tiggo 8 in the Saudi Market.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is now in the middle of a carnival and Arrizo6 of Chery is involved in it.
On October 11 till December 15, the Riyadh Season themed on Imagine is being held, which includes more than 100 events and activities with six topics. The 66-day Riyadh Season is expected to attract nearly 20 million tourists and world-famous brands, including the Chinese auto brand Chery, thus making it a center of world attention.


Chery Arrizo6 makes presence in Ekar stand in the most popular e-game hall. Ekar is the largest auto sharing operator in Saudi Arabia and even in the Middle East Region, which has partnered for long with Chery, designating it as the official vehicle. As the Sharing Economy rises in the world, Chery will, on the Ekar platform featured by flexible vehicle leasing options and payment means, provide the express and comfortable experience for Saudi Arabian users.


Having operated in Saudi Arabia for years, the Chinese auto brand Chery is dedicated to providing local users with premium vehicle-use life. Since the start of this year, Chery has brought many high-tech products to Saudi Arabia, including Arrizo6, which is favored by local consumers because of its stylish and avant garde appearance design, the rich and useful tech configurations.


Recently, Chery also launched its all-new SUV Tiggo8 in Saudi Arabia, which is a seven-seat SUV model for family users. The appearance was designed by the team headed by Kevin Rice, the former BMW designer. Tiggo8 has super-large domestic and storage space. Equipped with 2.0T engine, it is your best choice to enjoy family hours.


In the Jeddah International Auto Show scheduled on December 10-14, the all-new Tiggo8 and flagship model Arrizo6 are about to be launched in Saudi Arabia.


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