Arrizo 5 Highlights


Dynamic Surfacing


Exquisite Dynamic

Sporty Cabin





1.5DVVT+7CVT Golden Force Matching Combination


Exterior Line Design

ARRIZO 5 exterior modeling adopts special metal folding technique, artistic and safe.

External Light Design

Slender shape headlamp with sooting style liner, white light eyebrow design and light guide banding width lamp act in cooperation with flying -wing style taillight design.

LED Daytime Running Lamp

The daytime running lamp conforms to European and American road regulations.

Sporty Interior Design

Cool black interior design reflects sports style; Light interior design shows comfortable home style.

Console Integration T-Shaped Design

Design of T shape console take on a beautiful and generous look; Baking finish technique of air conditioner outlet and silver Chrome plated; Trimming Stripes indicate more sense of technology.

Eagle Eye Double Barrel Dashboard

Double barrel-type design,legible instrument,with moist and textured delicate scale in orange-red glow.

N.V.H. Mute Engineering

American 3M high thickness sound insulation cotton, effective isolation and absorption of the sound generated from the outside and inside of the car, car idling reached 39.7dB (A).

C-NCAP 5-Star Awardee

1.64km/h frontal 40% overlap deformable barrier impact test;
2.50km/h frontal 100% overlap rigid barrier impact test;
3.50km/h moving deformable barrier impact test;
4.Pedestrian head impact protection;
5.Test of vehicle going under a trunk.

Cage Type Body Design

Cage body design protect drivers and passengers safety for 360 degree. High-strength steel applied on vehicle above 60%.Super high-strength thermal-forming steel is applied in left and right A columns and B columns, anti-collision plate inside frontal doors, etc. The maximum effective yield strength of the steel reaches 1500Mpa.

Safety Airbag

Airbag stems from Autoliv, which is the top manufacturer for “vehicle occupant protection system”.It is also equipped with seat belt reminder and front row pre-fasten action limited seat belt.

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