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The Strenght of Sport

TIGGO 2 adopts contrast color sports interior, of which the colors are from the orange red of the volcanic lava and the black of volcanic ash. The internal classic exists in its individuality.

Racing Level Sports Kit

TIGGO 2 is equipped with aerodynamic kit at front/side/tail parts of the car, which locates below the front bumper, at the lowest part of the car side and tail. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with sporty rear wing at the car’s tail part, which can ensure the tail’s “air turbulence” get guidance and control when it is at high speed, as well as ensure the car is stable when it is at high speed.

True Identity of CHERY Brand

The headlights, LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) and taillights of TIGGO 2 all adopt “C” shape design elements. These typical “identity” car body appearance design elements are the same with luxury brand in nature, which can both highlight the brand’s connotation and reflect the brand’s individuality.

Integrated Central Control

TIGGO 2 adopts integrated design central control instrument desk, of which the inspiration is from the waterfalls in nature. It makes the central control desk and the dashboard integrate naturally, though the two independent configurations have no intersection originally. It removes the mechanical rigidity, and brings you a sense of life in nature.

Flexible SUV Space

Wheelbase: 2555mm
Trunk space: 420L
4/6 folding integrated fold down seats
21 individualized storage spaces

Artisan Spirit

TIGGO 2’s durability and reliability of finished vehicle, system and parts in the process of performance development are fully verified, including structural durability test, high speed test, alpine-cold test, wading test, high temperature highland test and other strict development verifications; the total validation is on more than 200 finished vehicles, and the accumulated mileage is about 1.1 million km, which ensures the problems of design and production can be found in time and solved before coming out as well as provides high quality products for users. This is the “artisan spirit” of CHERY.


1.5L VVT China best 10 engine
4AT transmission
5MT transmission
Super large oil tank 50L
Ultra low fuel consumption 5.9L/100km
Ultra long endurance: 800 kilometers

MT Start Assist System

When the driver is driving alone, due to fast release of clutch and being novice, it will cause flameout when the car starts. TIGGO 2 is equipped with MT start assist system, which can improve vehicle idling and prevent vehicle from flameout. Even though it is made of steel, it is still warm.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TIGGO 2 is equipped with TPMS digital display tire pressure monitoring system, which can monitor the vehicle tire state automatically in real time. It can make an alert through dashboard when the temperature and pressure of tire are abnormal, ensuring safe driving.

Reverse Radar + Reverse Image

The reverse radar is applied to detect the distance from obstacles at the rear of vehicle, and the reverse image can be applied to help driver observe pedestrians, vehicles, even pets at the rear of vehicle. The two can make up for each other, more accurate, and the reverse image which is equipped with dynamic auxiliary line can tell you how to park your car more easily.


Tiggo 2 Comfort 2023 – 53,875 Riyals including VAT and Plates Registration

Tiggo 2 Luxury 2023 – 59,625 Riyals including VAT and Plates Registration

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