Tiggo 7 Highlights




Futuristic and

forward-looking design



Interior Design



Interconnect Technology


Double Arched Wavy Front Face

A chrome-plated strip runs through the double arched and wavy grilles, like a “bridge” over a shimmering lake, adding simple yet elegant touches to the vehicle.

Trident Xenon Headlamp

Shaped as the legendary Trident of Poseidon, the headlamp looks sharp with a sense of style, which blends the modern fashion with natural beauty while showcasing the power of an SUV. Compared with conventional halogen lamps, Xenon headlamps emit lights four times higher in intensity with one-third less energy consumption.

Wave-like Waistline

Like the wave trails left by a yacht dashing through the water, the waistlines on both sides extend from the turn signal lamp across the body to the tail, expressing an exceptionally dynamic and inviting force.

Sporty and Cool Interior Trim

The sportiness is evidently reflected in the dual-color interior trim with British noble spirit as well as the exquisite and stylish double topstitching.

Large-Sized Storage Space

The upgraded design of Tiggo 7 is focus with elegance and convenience. With the new large-sized storage space, it fits all the things you need for your next adventure!

Elegance In Every Corner

With generous use of piano paint and various colors for option, it expresses a fashionable and cool style. The new soft material, which is environment friendly and recyclable, brings the tactile sensation of leather.

Offroad Performance

A genuine SUV that allows you to enjoy your journey with peace of mind.

360 Full-Time Panorama Camera System

The easy switch between the panorama view and the independent views from four cameras allows you to have real-time control of the surroundings, thus minimizing the blind zone in the width-limited lane and during parking by steering.

Shift Prompts

The intuitive display of “Shift Up/Down” enables the optimal operation of the engine and transmission, thus better protecting your car, reducing fuel consumption while making driving more environment-friendly.

BOSCH ESP 9.1 as Standard for All Variants

It ensures the best stability of the wheels and accurate steering performance, while integrating such features as ABS, EBD and TCS for guaranteed safety.


Tiggo 7 Luxury – 75,725 Riyals including VAT and Plates Registration

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